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Bitter-Sweet 18? Navigating the realities of Turning 18

Updated: May 3

Turning 18 is still a milestone. And to the 18 year olds leaving school, as well as their parents, it's a big deal. There have been many choices made along the way to get here and there are likely to be many more ahead - even in the next few months, as you're looking back and looking ahead as a family.

Leaving home? A last summer holiday as a family? A first taste of independence? Freedom from responsibility? New responsibilities? Rediscovered space? A different timetable?

Whether you’re looking at leaving home for the first time, or having a fresh beginning as a child prepares to leaves home, change brings questions and adapting to a fresh set of circumstances isn’t usually as straightforward as many of us would like to pretend.

Connect with me: to give yourself space to explore how you feel about this new chapter.

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