getting started with therapy

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getting started with me

Relationships are at the heart of therapy so it's essential that you feel you want to work with me.

That's why I offer a free telephone conversation of up to 45 mins. - so we can get a sense of what might be possible.

The first step is to get in touch by email and let me know some times which will work well for you to have an open conversation.


I will confirm a time and date and you can  tell me more about yourself when we speak on a call.

From there, we can see what might feel possible.

It's vital to find the right person to work with - every therapist will be different.

I work in blocks of six weeks with a short break between blocks to allow integration and reflection.


My aim is to work with you for as short as a time as necessary, my hope is that you find ease in your way of being as soon as possible.