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about therapy

People often think that therapy is where you go when you’re depressed, or anxious. But often, we’re like this because we’re living a smaller, less expressive life than we’d like. My aim isn’t just well-being and mental health, it’s growth and development, for those who are brave enough to live a bigger life with better relationships.

About gestalt:

Gestalt therapy relates to the whole person, the whole of us. We are more than the sum of our parts, but understanding and accepting these parts with a curious and open attitude can bring us healing and wholeness.

Gestalt holds the position that only when we can accept things - including ourselves - as they truly are - can real change happen. When we cling to things too tightly the outcome we want often continues to evade us. The more attention we give to what we do not want, the more we notice this showing up in our lives.

This can cause us pain because so often we dislike parts of ourselves or they feel unresolved. By working towards understanding and acceptance we can see more clearly why those parts came to be in the first place. We can learn.

Who I work with:

I work with adults aged 18 and over, and with young adults aged 16 & 17 with parental consent.

Therapeutic Relationship:

Working in dialogue with me, noticing how we feel about these aspects of self, we can notice things afresh - we might hear something differently or see it from a new perspective.


In this supportive relationship we might be challenged to give attention to our body, which is a vast source of knowledge and often overlooked, especially in our contemporary western culture.







Ethics and Credentials:

I completed a four accredited training with Edinburgh Gestalt Institute. I am a member of UKCP and GPTI, which means I follow their ethical code.

You can read about them here:

UKCP Code of Ethics                                       GPTI Code of Ethics  


I will need to gather some information about you when you contact me.

You can read my GDPR Statement and Privacy Policy here

Practical Info:

I work from Greenock and Paisley, in person, although online working is a possibility.


I offer daytime and evening appointments. My charge will be discussed directly with individuals.

what are your fees?

Charges will be discussed with individuals. I have a limited number of concessionary places.

Details of how to pay will be in our working agreement but I accept card, cash or bank transfers.

when are you available?

I offer evening appointments one day per week and daytime appointments on another.


Contact me by email

to find out more.

how do I book a session?

The first step is to send an email. I'll be in touch to offer an initial call of up to 30mins. free of charge and we can take things from there. For young adults we can meet for an initial appointment, with parental consent, which is chargeable. Contact me to arrange this first step. See more on my Getting Started page.

where will we meet?

I work from wheelchair accessible rooms  in Paisley or Greenock. I will send you address details if we agree to work together.

There is ample  parking very close by in both locations.

If you would prefer to meet online we can look at this option too.

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