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Reading by the Water

about me

I have always been a person with lots of questions, about myself, about how things - and people -  are organised the way they are. These questions have kept me curious and interested in relationships and systems in our world.


My love of reading has played a big role in supporting and sustaining my curiosity and passion, and something more fundamental about understanding others.

I spent a lot of my life hiding - mostly from myself - and feeling broken.

In discovering Gestalt Psychotherapy - and the excitement I felt in that discovery - I committed to long term personal therapy and knew I'd found something both new and yet familiar, which made sense to me.

 As I came to a place of greater aliveness and fulfilment I  knew this was how I wanted to support others to feel more connected with life.

My hope is clients don't feel the need to work with me for the long term, although I know the value this can have.


I completed training with Edinburgh Gestalt Institute in 2019. As I work towards accreditation - and I consider myself to always be learning -  I am especially interested in play, power, difference and belonging.

My love of story remains - those we tell ourselves, the ones we share in community and every story inbetween.

about me: About Me

we know not through our intellect, but through our experience
- Maurice Merleau-Ponty

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