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As WestWords I offer a range of bibliotherapy services which you can learn more about soon.

The current news is the Thoughtful Book Group - see below for more details. Please check back regularly for updates and developments and follow our interactions here:

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Therapeutic Book Groups

The Thoughtful Book Group

I’m beginning a book group in January 2023 where we share our experiences of reading books with Big Ideas. I’m fascinated by the process of reading in itself and would like to learn how others experience this hallucinatory conversation with ink and dead trees, as it could be described.

We'll meet monthly, online for a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon to connect with the ideas put forward in the books we read and our experience as readers.

There are many titles, of classic and more contemporary vintage which have fine reputations as thoughtful and thought-provoking works and this seems like a good place to begin.

You can keep track of the titles and my personal reactions to each on my blog which I'll  update and revisit, so be sure to check back regularly.


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The Thoughtful Teen Book Group

I'm currently developing a therapeutic book group for young adults aged 16 + where we'll explore the ideas of the books we read and what reading them felt like.

These will take place online and be based around discussion of novels, short stories, poetry and non-fiction. 

To find out more, just email me 

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